You are seeing this page because the domain %%DOMAIN%% either doesnt exist on FuzzGuard’s systems or it has been deactivated.  Please contact the server administrators if you are the owner of this domain and you feel this is an error.

You recently changed the IP address of your domain.

If you recently changed yourd IP address to a FuzzGuard IP address or moved from one FuzzGuard IP address to another, you may see this page.  When that happens, all you need to do is wait while the internet updates DNS records. This generally takes between 15 minutes and 2 hours.

Your domain is pointed at the server but does not exist.

If you have pointed your DNS at our servers and are seeing this page, your domain may not be set up on the server.

  1. If this is your domain name, please log in to your My Account and confirm your domain name is spelled correctly.  If there are spelling errors in the domain name listed in My Account you may rename your domain by contacting support.
  2. If the domain name is an alias (For example redirecting to or vice versa) you must have the alias address setup in Guard-UI redirection tab.

The Domain is not configured correctly on the server.

If none of the above options apply, your site may not be configured correctly on the server.  To have the issue resolved please contact our Support

Your domain is currently deactive.

If your site is currently deactive this could be due to you or a administrator of your site deactivating the domain via the “Domains” tab in Guard-UI.  You can re activate the domain from Guard-UI.

Your domain could also have been deactivated due to a breach of FuzzGuard’s Term’s of Service.  If this is the case you or your site administrator will have received an email outlining the problem and actions that can be taken to rectify the issue.

Please take note if your site has been deactivated for Terms of Service breaches, you will not be able to re activate the site from the Guard-UI control panel.

Your domain is currently suspended.

If your site has been suspended it may be due to an outstanding balance on your account.  You can check this, and pay any outstanding balances on your account through My Account.  Alternatively you can contact a member of our billing staff by contacting our Support.