Email redundancy for piece of mind

Your business emails are important.  Don’t lose them if your mail server goes down.  Our Backup MX service can receive your mail for you if your server is down and deliver it to your server when it is back online.

A Backup when you need it

Our BackupMX service uses the nature of the Internet and DNS records to divert your email’s to our server for safe-keeping in the unlikely event of your Mail Server being down or uncontactable.  When your mail server is back online our mail server will pass the emails along to be delivered to the end-user.  As a business you cannot afford to lose emails.  This is where a simple, yet effective BackupMX service from FuzzGuard comes into play.

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Don't worry!! You have a Backup!

If your mail server cannot be reached, then your email is sent to FuzzGuard’s BackupMX email servers. Once it reaches our servers, it remains in queue and we continually reattempt delivery of the mail to your companies primary mail server. When your companies primary server is back online, the queued mail is instantly delivered to your mail server. FuzzGuard will keep attempting to deliver mail to your server for 14 days or until it responds.

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